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Austria's constitutional court on Thursday overturned a landmark ruling that had blocked Vienna airport's plans to build a third runway because of climate change worries.

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Strasbourg reopens Christmas market

A relieved Strasbourg prepared to reopen its popular Christmas market on Friday after French police shot dead the gunman who killed five people there in an attack.

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Globetrotters stranded on the Oder River

Paul and Marietta Kamstra from Holland are stuck on the Oder with their ship "Avontuur". The reason is the low water on the river at the German-Polish border.

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Berlin's Museum Island welcomes new stat…

As of 2019, visitors to Berlin's Museum Island complex will gain access to its different museums via a new building, the James Simon Gallery designed by star architect David Chipperfield.

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UNESCO World Heritage Speyer Cathedral d…

A series of 100 euro gold coins has been issued since 2003 to honour the German UNESCO World Heritage Sites. For 2019, the Federal Government has chosen the Speyer Cathedral...

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Germany's 16 States: Saxony-Anhalt

The 18th century dukes created artistic landscaped gardens here; the Bauhaus masters ushered in the era of modern architecture. For visitors, that means UNESCO World Heritage sites wherever you look.

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Taj Mahal ticket price rises fivefold fo…

The entrance fee hike is the latest attempt to reduce footfall at the world famous site. The sheer number of visitors risks causing irreversible damage, experts say.

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Rome shows Christmas crib made of sand

This year, the Bethlehem nativity scene is modelled on St. Peter's Square from sand, which was specially delivered from the Adriatic town of Jesolo. An annual sand sculpture festival takes...

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2018: The joy of travel is unbroken

The tourism industry can look back on a successful year: 2018 saw more people travel abroad than ever before. Particularly enthusiastic about travel were Asians and Latin Americans.

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Hotel prices rise in Berlin for New Year…

Whoever wants to celebrate the turn of the year in the German capital has to pay an average of 68 percent more than usual for an overnight stay in a...

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