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Icelandic Museum of Natural History holds Glacier exhibition

The Icelandic Museum of Natural History held its first Glacier exhibition.


The Icelandic Natural History Society was first founded in 1887-1889, but officially it was founded in 2007. According to Icelandic laws, the museum of Natural history belongs to the Ministry of Education, Science, and Culture and is a public institution. It is one of the three Central museums in Iceland along with the National Gallery of Iceland and The National Museum of Iceland. Each one is at a national level a leading institution within its field, provides counsel to other museums and promote cooperation among them. They have also developed and are characterized by a coherent museum policy with their respective fields. 


The Icelandic Museum of Natural History held its first exhibition since its official foundation in 2007, marking a milestone.  After this long journey, it has become the main goal to obtain a space for displays and exhibitions for the future aiming to entertain and inform. The first exhibition is focusing on glaciers but there is more to come so finally the public can enjoy the collection and knowledge the Icelandic Museum of Natural History has to offer. According to Mbl’s report visitors were very excited to learn about the glaciers in a simulated glacier cave in Perlan yesterday. They describe the sensation of walking through the cave with the temperature, the presence of the ice and even its soundscape creating an overall impression for the magnitude of the disappearing glaciers. 


Perlan is a landmark building in Reykjavik, located on the hill Oskjuhlid in central Reykjavik, where there had been hot water storage tanks for decades. In 1991 the tanks were renovated and a hemispherical structure was placed on top, allowing it around 10,000 cubic meters of exhibition space on the ground floor, known as the Winter Garden and a viewing deck on the fourth floor with six panoramic telescopes with information about the view around. The Icelandic Museum of Natural History recently signed a contract with Perla Nordursins, a holding company, in order to house large-scale exhibitions in a newly updated 2. floor of Perlan in Reykjavik, focusing on Iceland’s nature, for next year’s 100-year birthday of Icelandic sovereignty.


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