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Who are these two guys?

6 years 10 months ago - 6 years 10 months ago #2 by George Avouris
Who are these two guys? was created by George Avouris
As I walked in the streets of Sofia in the spring to explore the city, I wondered what direction I should take to get to the nearest metro station. With my modest English, I had no trouble talking to the locals of the city for the right directions. However, I would have to learn more details in order not to get in the same position again and have to ask 2-3 more times for directions until I get to my final destination. At that moment, I realized how important it was for to come to the life of all travelers, winning o much during each trip. Time-money-hassle.

After a few meters, I saw a tourist couple holding a tourist map. Another confirmation of the usefulness of I asked the man if he speaks English and he replied: “Yes, of course!” since he was an Englishman!

After we had a good conversation in English -I never had a problem talking with English men in their language- he explained to me how to get to the metro station with the help of his map.

After our understanding, I thanked him and I was in the right direction to continue my walk. As soon as I started walking, 5 meters to my left, I was surprised to see two young girls sitting on a bench and next to them a bronze bust of two men without an inscription. A wonderful folklore meet-up in the streets of Sofia.

I was watching them for a few seconds and then I asked the young girls if they knew who those two people were and they answered negatively.

I immediately decided to take out my smart phone to take a picture of this. I continued observing and I wondered if those two are important personalities of the 20th century: Winston Churchil & Joseph Stalin? Sitting next to each other with such compassion ... ?? It must be them ... but I wasn’t sure yet!

However, since came into our lives, I will find out at some point. Surely, a user who sees this article in the future and becomes aware of the case, whether a native or a traveler going back to that point of the city, will answer us: Finally, these two guys are ...

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