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Vienna runway can go ahead

Austria's constitutional court on Thursday overturned a landmark ruling that had blocked Vienna airport's plans to build a third runway because of climate change worries.

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Can cruise ships be environmentally frie…

Environmentalists have accused the industry of not doing enough to combat climate change, though shipping companies disagree. Can the cruise ship industry find a solution?

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Bali lures digital nomads despite contro…

Authorities on the Indonesian island of Bali, where the G20 is taking place, are making it easier for foreigners to work there. But not all locals welcome this development.

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Japan's Buddhist temples open 'shukubo' …

Once a haven for pilgrims and nobles, temple stays now allow tourists to escape Japan's bustling cities and experience life like a monk with Buddhist cuisine and meditation

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Mallorca hotel cleaners fight exploitati…

Without the women who clean hotel rooms every day, Mallorca's tourism industry would come to a halt. The so-called Kellys are fighting for better working conditions.

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Anime giant Studio Ghibli opens first th…

The park dives into the magical world of Studio Ghibli's popular anime movies like "Spirited Away" and "Howl's Moving Castle."

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Croatia forgets overtourism worries, for…

The beautiful Adriatic nation saw a record number of tourists in the late summer, welcomed by businesses and the travel sector, who suffered massively during the pandemic.

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Germany sees drop in medical tourism

Many foreigners used to visit Germany to undergo medical treatment or get cosmetic surgery. But the COVID-19 pandemic and Ukraine war have hit the industry hard.

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What to know about Qatar before attendin…

There are a few things you should be aware of before traveling to Qatar for the World Cup. The country's poor human rights record is also in the spotlight.

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German tourism industry leaps into the d…

The COVID pandemic catalyzed a major digitization drive in Germany's tourism industry. But while significant progress has been made, staff shortages pose a major challenge.

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