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Vienna runway can go ahead

Austria's constitutional court on Thursday overturned a landmark ruling that had blocked Vienna airport's plans to build a third runway because of climate change worries.

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Odesa: How is the tourist sector coping …

Odesa has always been a popular destination for both Ukrainian and foreign visitors. But as the war in Ukraine continues, the city's tourism industry is suffering.

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Germany's Lufthansa, union reach pay dea…

The deal would entail upcoming salary increases for thousands of ground staff workers at German airports. The breakthrough comes after a Lufthansa strike paralyzed operations on July 27.

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Germany's €9 ticket: Is it here to stay?

A heated debate is raging over the future of public transport in Germany. Three months of heavily reduced tickets are soon coming to an end. The government is split on...

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Calabria: Italy's slow tourism paradise

More famous for organized crime than culture, the southern Italian region isn't a popular destination for holidaymakers. But a growing demand for slow and experiential tourism could change that.

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Climate change: How harmful is tourism f…

Heat waves, drought, forest fires — the past few weeks in particular have made us increasingly aware of climate change. To what extent is the travel industry contributing to this?

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Lufthansa cancels almost all flights in …

Ahead of a planned strike on Wednesday, Lufthansa announced it is cancelling flights at airports in Frankfurt and Munich. Both cities are hubs for the German carrier.

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German union calls for Lufthansa ground …

The all-day strike on Wednesday is expected to cause flight cancellations and delays — adding to the travel chaos that has plagued German airports this summer.

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Greece: The lager louts are back in Zaky…

After a two-year hiatus because of COVID, party tourists are flocking back to the island of Zakynthos in droves. Although Greece is desperate for tourism, locals and some officials feel...

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Interrail travel pass turns 50

Launched in 1972, the Interrail ticket has proven a resounding success. Generations of young, intrepid travelers have jumped at the opportunity to explore Europe by rail.

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