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Klimcentrum Neoliet Tilburg

Marathonpromenade 1, Tilburg 5022 DN, Noord-Brabant, Tilburg, Netherlands
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Climbing & bouldering Climbing and bouldering are spectacular branches of the climbing sport that have developed strongly indoors in recent years. You are physically and mentally challenged.

Together with others, search and move your boundaries. After a climb or boulders session your body is well tired and your head completely empty. A good and varied alternative so for the boring gym. What is the difference? Climbing in two or three levels, secured to rope climbers climbing between 7 and 21 meters high.

Together with your climb partner (s), you decide which route you want to climb and get started. The one secures, the other climbs upwards. Bouldering you do without rope. You climb short climbs (boulders) of about 4 meters and jump on thick fallmats. The challenge There are many different routes on many different walls.

These climbing puzzles can be solved by means of power, technique, leniency and coordination, but also through insight and thinking. Climbing routes and boulders vary in difficulty and are regularly replaced.

At Neoliet Both branches of climbing can be practiced at Neoliet, whenever and wherever you want. Recreational or as a sports sport, independently or in a training group. Neoliet has a big and enthusiastic youth club, the KlimklUP. Both regular and special and vocational education are (almost) daily users of our facilities.

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Marathonpromenade 1, Tilburg 5022 DN, Noord-Brabant, Tilburg, Netherlands