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Address: Leoforos Thiseos 47, Athens 146 71, Athens, Greece
Phone: 210 8136271
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One of the most beautiful suburbs of Athens, in Ekali, on 47 Thisiseos Boulevard, among the greenery, is the Loubier Tennis Club. Loubier Tennis Club, which has been operating since 1983, is one of Athens' oldest and best known tennis clubs and counts more than 100 permanent members and among them some well-known Athenian and Athenian friends of the most demanding and creative individual sports as they train not Only body and spirit. The Loubier is open from 9am to 12pm and has five ADVANTAGE RED COURT grounds. The Synthetic Soil System of the Dutch company Edel Grass combines the playground features of the dirt field with the small requirements for the use and maintenance of synthetic turf floors. The Advantage Red court system has been certified by the World Tennis Federation (ITF) and has been categorized as No3. The speed of the ball (bounce) and the player and ball slide are similar to 80% of the respective odds of the pitch. The stadiums were rebuilt in January 2012.


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